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Stay well, be safe, and be happy. 

Looking your best make you feel great !

FACE & BODY was founded in North Scottsdale in 1996. It is one of the best skin care spas in Arizona.  Come for a visit and you will see the result right away.  


FACE & BODY offers different types of treatments to clients including Eurasian Facial, Organic Facial, Luxury Facial, Acne Treatment, Gentlemen Facial, Back Facial, Back Scrub with hot stone massage.  The age range of our clients starts from 12 - 90 years of age.  It is amazing that everyone would be benefited from our treatments.  

FACE & BODY newly introduces Holistic Massage.  This treatment consists of hard and soft style martial arts, Yoga stretches, Chinese 5 elements theory and ANPUKU THERAPY ("HARA" Shiatsu). The purpose of the treatment is to create the conditions for the body to heal itself.  The treatment will stabilize body mechanics, enhance fluid body movement and promote the flow of CHI (energy).






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