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Facial Treatments:

First time client, take $25 off any treatment below

Eurasian Facial ($85.00 - 60 mins)

(or $210/3 Eurasian Facials)

Gentlemen Facial ($85.00 - 60 mins)

(or $210/3 Gentlemen Facials)

Eurasian Facial combines both European and Asian techniques in the treatment. It starts with skin analysis, cleansing, steam, exfoliation and extraction. Accupressure is performed with essential serum in the facial massage. A two-layer masque of your choice to give you a radiant appearance, as well as a warm herbal hand treatment, neck and shoulder massage with hot stone.







It includes cleansing, steam, extraction, acupressure point massage with essential serum, facial massage, two-layer face masque, with head and shoulder hot stone massage and a hand treatment.

Luxury Facial ($120.00 - 90 mins)

Aromatic Facial ($75.00 - 60 mins)

(or $180/3 Aromatic Facials)

(or $300/3 Luxury Facials)

This facial includes using aromatic serum and aromatic balm for healing skin.  It helps bring your skin back to a soft, supple condition. Acupressure massage technique is performed in this facial with head, shoulder and hand massage.

It includes back scrub with essential oil, hot stone massage and the Eurasian Facial.  You will feel very refreshed and smooth on your back.  It is a head-to-toe luxury experience.  

Classic Facial ($65.00 - 50 mins)

Face & Body  ($180.00 - 70 mins)


(or $150/3 Classic Facials)

It includes skin analysis, cleansing, steam, exfoliation and follow with a relaxing massage on the face, neck, shoulders and scalp.  A hydrating masque will be applied to rejuvenate your visage.


Back Scrub + Hot Stone + Mini Facial + Belly Slimming with infra-red light.  It is a full treatment for your face and body.

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